Chasing Jannah

Shall We Begin the Awesome Journey?

How many of us know people who were with us last Ramadan, but are now no more? How many of them passed away with regrets for not doing much in their allotted time?

Many of us pass our days casually. Everyday, we seem to do the same thing over and over again. We are not inspired, we are not challenged to do a little more. Our struggles are for dunya. By going to school/work everyday, we feel we are playing our part.

Perhaps, we have forgotten our school days when we used to compete for the 1st Position. Getting a golden star on our cheeks or our report cards was so important for us. We used to compete with one another to be the BEST.

Jannah works on the same principle. There are two groups of people in dunya; one who are only concerned with Here and others who are busy day and night struggling to get their name registered in the high ranks of Jannah.

Imagine, if we begin to take each day as an opportunity to do something that will take us closer to Jannah?

Start with baby steps and let your *~awesome~* journey to Jannah begin. In sha Allah!

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