Come to Allah, O Seeker of Good!


How each year at the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, we congratulate one another? We are delighted because the month of repentance, forgiveness and ransom from the Fire, the month of goodness and blessing, the month of generosity and kindness is here.

Half way down the month, we begin feeling the guilt of falling short towards His duties. In moments like these give yourself some encouragement:

“O you who did not have enough of sin in Rajab,
So he continued to disobey his Lord during the month of Sha’baan,
Now these two months have been followed by the month of patience,
So do not let this be a month of sin too.
Recite the Qur’an and glorify your Lord during this month,
striving your utmost,
 it is the month of glorification and Qur’an.” [Arabic poetry] 

The month of Ramadan has come …. so come to Allah, O seeker of good!

Let’s turn to our Lord, beseeching Him, regretting and weeping for the time we have disobeyed Him and say,

“O God of the Universe, I am returning (to You).”
“O Giver
 of all good things, give me guidance,
there is no good without guidance.
ok my mistakes with forgiveness, kindness and mercy,
 no one else can bestow forgiveness.” [Arabic poetry]

(Taken from the book, Repentance in Ramadan by Ibrahim ibn Hamad al Mansoor with slight modifications).


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