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Eid ul Adha and the Story of Hajar


Often times, we hear the saying: Behind every great man, there is a great woman. History proves this statement to be true, whether the woman is a wife, mother or mentor.

[Then He will Not Neglect Us]

At the closing of the Hajj season, Muslims around the world celebrate Eid ul Adha in memory of Prophet Ibraheem ‘alayhi salaam. During this joyous occasion, we would like to focus on a woman who stood by our Prophet and contributed to his successes.

Hajar, the wife of Prophet Ibraheem, was no ordinary woman. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala chose her as the wife and mother of a prophet because of the strong qualities she possessed.

[A Mother’s Single-Handed Upbringing]

She had the will power to leave the land she grew up in and migrate for a better life. She had the courage to stay in a barren desert alone with an infant while her husband strove to fulfill the command of his Lord. She accepted her fate but was determined to keep going. She strove physically and mentally to provide for her son. She was quick in finding a solution to contain the water of Zam Zam into a well.

She contributed to society by allowing travelers to benefit from the well of Zam Zam, which resulted in tribes settling in that area and building a community. And she raised a child who was righteous, obedient and brave enough to submit to the command of Allah without giving it a second thought.

[The Unbreakable Spirit of Hajar]

Allah honored her in such a way that until today pilgrims perform Sa’ee at Hajj in remembrance of her efforts. The efforts and contributions of Hajar (Peace be upon her) and women like her around the globe are revered. Women have the power to shape society and build nations of positive change.

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The Legacy of Hajar

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