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Live as Muslims at All Times

Death can come anytime so in order to die as Muslims, we MUST live at ALL TIMES as Muslims.

Don’t live as a Part-Time Muslim, Ramadan Muslim or Friday Muslim. There’s no time for later!

If you are noticing some shortcomings in yourself “right now” such as:

– not performing the 5 compulsory prayers at their “appointed time” (not qada/qaza),
– not making Qur’an a part of your daily routine,
– not connecting to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala through long heart-felt du’as,
– not wearing loose clothes with full sleeves or adopting hijab (sisters)
– not growing beard (brothers)
– being harsh and impolite with parents, spouse, and parents-in-law

make an intention, du’a and sincere effort to change NOW.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala raise us to be among the BEST of the people, aameen. Don’t settle for anything less. Challenge yourself as a Muslim! Set higher goals.

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