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[Sermons Series] ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab Warns against Believing in Soothsayers and Encourages Virtues

‘Umar radhiAllahu ‘anhu gave this sermon after praising Allah and thanking Him for His Favors. He said,

“I recommend you to adhere to the taqwa of Allah, Who remains while everything else perishes. He honors His Auliyá’ (loyal friends) on account of their obedience to Him and misguides His enemies on account of their disobedience of Him. Therefore, whoever earns destruction has no excuse if he commits a misguidance that he thought was a part of guidance or abandons a truth that he thought was misguidance. Learn the Qur’an and you will be known by this quality, and act according to it so that you become one of its people.

Indeed, none has the right to be obeyed in the disobedience of Allah.

Know that there is a barrier between the slave and his designated sustenance; if he observes patience, his sustenance will come to him, but if he tries to breach the barrier he will never attain more than his designated sustenance. Beware of imitating the traditions of Al-‘Ajam (in reference to non-Arabs, for much of their tradition was annulled by Islam) and being neighbors to tyrants. Never sit at a table where alcohol is being served, enter a public bathhouse without an Izar (robe) or submit your necks to humility. Know that cursing a Muslim is sin and fighting him is Kufr (disbelief). You are not allowed to shun your brother more than three days. Verily, he who goes to a sorcerer and believes in what he says will have disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad.

No man should have a private audience with a woman (whom he is not allowed to meet alone), for Shaytan will be the third party present with them. A sign of one’s being a Muslim and a believer is that he is displeased if he commits a sin and pleased if he performs a righteous action. The worst matters are innovations (in the religion), and verily, being moderate with regards to performing the Sunnah is better than striving in an innovation (Bid ‘ah). Hold yourselves accountable before you are held accountable, for this makes the recompense easier. Weigh yourselves before you are weighed and prepare for the Day of Grand Gathering. On that Day you shall be brought to Judgment and not a secret of yours will be hidden.

Hold to this Qur’an, for there is light and healing in it and misery otherwise. I have indeed fulfilled my duty with regards to what Allah has endowed me with of your leadership and given you sincere advice.

I say this and seek Allah’s forgiveness for me and you.”

[Book: Selected Friday Sermons, Dar-us-Salaam Publications]

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