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Preparing for Hajj – the Hajj Suitcase


Keep your luggage minimum so that you are not loaded with unnecessary things.

Small Travel Pouch

A small, sturdy fabric pouch that you can wear firmly around your waist. It is best to keep it under your ihraam since theft is unfortunately rampant during the Hajj journey. Keep your most important documents here, including:

1. Airplane ticket
2. A photocopy of your passport and visa, (your passport will be handed in to the ’Unified Agents Office’ upon arrival)
3. Shahadah certificate (if you are a revert to Islam. This can be obtained from your local Imam)
4. Your hotel address (written in English and Arabic)
5. Medication
6. Cash
7. Glasses, hearing aids, contact lenses
8. Keep some extra passport-sized photos with you (at least 4) in case you lose your identity badge.

Your Suitcase

For the five days of Hajj, and traveling between Mina, Muzdalifah, `Arafah, back to Mina and Makkah, you will require a small to a medium lightweight suitcase that is easy to carry. A backpack is ideal. Anything larger is going to be awkward for you to carry around.

Into your suitcase will go:

– Two sets of ihraam (for men).
– Two or three full sets of clothing according to the season (for men and women).
– An extra ‘abaya, hijab or scarf.
– Two pairs of socks; an extra pair of slippers/sandals; a pouch to keep footwear in it;
– A lightweight sweater or a shawl that can double as a blanket for the cool nights in Muzdalifah;
– One large and one small hand towel; unscented soap and lotion; miswak; toothbrush and toothpaste (although you can only use the latter after coming out from ihraam)
– Detergent for washing clothes;
– A small umbrella; sunglasses; waist pouch;
– Small flashlight with extra batteries; a thread; a needle; a bunch of safety pins; a pair of scissors; a nail cutter;
– Toilet paper; a spray bottle is indispensable for making wudu’ when getting to the taps is difficult in the crowd;
– Snacks, such as energy bars, dried fruit and nuts;
– Refillable water bottles;
– Hajj manual, a small copy of the Qur’an and books with du’a, and Islamic literature;
– Take extra books of du’as or du’a cards to distribute among other Hujjaj as sadaqah;
– Pen and a notebook to write your travelogue;
– Check with your travel agent if they will be providing meals and blankets, otherwise, you may need to take a sleeping bag/blankets, disposable plates and pillows;
– An old sheet; which many sisters have found useful as a cover as well as for dividing a tent and creating a barrier from men should the need arise;
– Essential medication and a small first-aid kit containing Band-Aids, painkillers, throat lozenges and so on;
– Alarm clock;
– Toiletries such as deodorant for when you come out of ihraam.

Note: Men and women should prepare separate bags because they are segregated on Hajj. It is difficult for men to come in women’s area again and again for an item. Tie a bright ribbon or a piece of cloth to your luggage bag to make it distinguishable from others.

Compiled from OnIslam.net, and farhathashmi.com

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