Al-Baqarah · Juz 2 · Qur'an Tafseer

Poem: Doomsday


Man knows at heart, doomsday will come
None on the globe, this fact can shun
A week, you know has seven days
This Day will come on some Friday

A frightening bugle will be blown
By certain angel, too well-known
Its sound will go from east to west
To put mankind, to great unrest
This whistle will grow to thundering sound
To stun all mankind, all around
The mankind will be shocked to death
With body still, saw, sense and breath
All forms of life will seize to be
To fulfill the Divine decree

All rocks so tall, all mountains high
Like flakes of cotton, will they fly
All oceans wide, and buildings grand
On face of earth, will no more stand
All stars and moon which look so bright
On Doomsday will they lose their light
All that you see from east to west
Will seize to be, for the final test
This final test will come from God
Whom all of us own as their Lord

The second bugle will come, replacing old world with the new one
Mankind will come to life again
On new world shining White Hot plain
In worldly life who were the slaves
Of vice and evil will rise from graves
As deaf or blind or somewhat lame
With handicaps bad and full of shame
Some of them on head will stand
In shameful postures on the new land

This phase will last for years and years
Subjecting man to torture and fear
Man wants to change the state of things
He makes his plans to comfort bring
For this he goes to prophets four
To help it out of crisis sore
Adam, Noah, Abraham, each
Can give him help not in the least
Moses also joins their rank
Man’s call for help meets with a blank

His next approach is Jesus Christ
Man’s serious case who cannot fight
He tells him to go to Prophet last
With God who has a friendship fast
The Holy Prophet prays to God for sinners’ cause
God grants his prayers full of applause
He orders man to reach a place
The outcome of his deeds to face

At last, the Throne of God the Great
Is brought to plain, by angels eight
To court of God all men will come
Not group by group, but one by one
The wrongs they did in worldly life
By God, they will be brought to light
Their list of sins in world is long
In vain they plead, they did no wrong
God takes from them their power of speech
What tongue denies, their limbs will speak
They ask the God, but all in vain
To send them back to world again
They promise they will mend their ways
And shun the wrongs of previous days
Their misdeeds outweigh noble ones
From painful Hell, can save them none

Heaven is meant for virtuous folk
Who did not wear the evil’s yoke
They fulfilled rights of man and God
In worldly life, they feared one Lord
Heaven has for them eternal life
All full of peace without strive
Alas for those, to Hell who go
With on their head, eternal woe

(This description of the Judgment Day was written by a student of Taleem ul Qur’an, Al Huda Institute, Canada. We do not know the sister’s name, if you are the person who wrote this poem or know the name of the sister please share and we will give her the credits. Also let us know if we made any errors in transcription.)

This is a description of the Day of Judgment.

Next time, when you are upset about something in your life recall the description of the Judgment Day, all your grief will vanish and be replaced with the terrors of the Final Day. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala allow us to set our priorities right, and keep us under His shade in this life and on the Day of Judgment, aameen.

[Listen to the Lectures: Roze Qiyamat Kiya Hoga? and A Description of the Day of Judgment by Tawfique Chawdhury]


3 thoughts on “Poem: Doomsday

  1. A.A wrwb
    I want this poem in udu translation plssss
    Its very motivated poem
    I want to share with others plsss ” send
    Me this poem in urdu translation “because they don,t know english
    Jzk khairan kasira fiduniya walakhira:)

  2. A.A wrwb
    I want this poem in udu translation plssss
    Its very motivated poem
    I want to share with others plsss ” send
    Me this poem in urdu translation “because they don,t know english
    Jzk khairan kasira fiduniya walakhira:)

    1. Wswrwb,

      The sister who shared this poem wrote it in English. We don’t have an Urdu translation of this. Perhaps, you can try translating? Or ask someone to translate it for you, in sha Allah.

      JazakiAllah khair for your dua, may the angels say ameen for you as well.

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