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[Sunnah Series] Leaving a Gathering

Say the du’a for atonement of the gathering:

dua at the end of a gathering


A Muslim attends many gathering during the course of the day and night. Here are a few examples:

  • When you eat, no doubt you will speak with whoever is sitting with you
  • When you see a person who is your friend or neighbor, you would speak to them, even if you were standing
  • When sitting, for example at work, school, or place of study, and some of your friends or colleagues are with you.
  • When sitting with your wife and children and you are conversing with them and they with you
  • When you are on a journey or on the way to a place in the car and you are talking with whoever is with you, whether your wife or children
  • In a public lecture or private lesson

Notice, how many times you mention this du’a during the day and night. In this way, you continually maintain a connection with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

How many times do you praise your Lord, declare Him free of anything not befitting Him and glorify Him, when you say:

“Far removed are You from any imperfections, O Allah and I praise You!”

How many times have your acknowledged the Oneness of Allah, the Most High, in His Lordship, Worship and Names and Attributes, when you say:

“I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except You.”

How many times have you renewed your repentance and forgiveness with your Lord in the day and night, from that which you have done or earned in that gathering, when you say:

“I seek Your forgiveness and to You I repent.”

[The Virtues of Repentance]

So, during the day and night, you are between confirming the Oneness of Allah while negating what does not belong to Him, and seeking His forgiveness and repentance for that which you have earned of wrongdoings.

From the benefits of implementing this Sunnah:
  • It is redemption for sins and mistakes you have spoken in that gathering
Ibn Al-Qayyim said that the gathering of Muslims is of two types:
  • A social gathering to occupy time. This is more detrimental than beneficial and to a lesser extent it corrupts the heart and wastes time.
  • A gathering on cooperating on means of success and advising to truth. This is of the greatest treasures and most beneficial.

[Choosing the Inferior Over what is Better]

[Book: More than 1000 Sunan Every Day and Night (Adhkar Min Alf Sunnah Fee Al-Yawm Wa Al-Laylah, Dar-us-Salaam Publications)]

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