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Journey through the Qur’an – Juz 8 Lessons


One thought on “Journey through the Qur’an – Juz 8 Lessons

  1. Salaam alaykum,
    JazakAllah for keeping up with these lessons, I look forward to reading and learning from them everyday. I am commenting in regards to the final statement in “Lessons (4)”. I apologize for not being able to copy and paste it. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the Sunnah way of burial, as from what I infer, it is not allowed to repatriate the deceased. Being concerned, I looked this up, and I found that there are exceptions. I just thought that it should be made clear, because there are very valid reasons to repatriate, and that section had me pretty nervous/upset until I verified. Here’s what I found from IslamQA:
    I can only imagine the hard work and effort it takes to maintain this blog, and sometimes one little thing gets away; I have been following this blog for years and it’s helped immensely in my study! I am not criticizing at all, but just wanted to correct and perhaps obtain more information in relation to this statement.

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