Donation appeal

Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu everyone.

We pray everyone is in good health and eeman .
Its been a while since beloved founder of this blessed blog passed away. We were thinking of ideas of what could be best done for her Akhirah as a Sadqah jaariah and alhamdulillah we finally decided.
We came up with the following campaign which aims in collecting charity for certain causes. Causes which could help many needy people around the globe in shaa Allah and help us fulfill our aim. With Allah’s will and your help we can do this in shaa Allah.

Our campaign consists of:
• Building a hand pump water well under her name as Sadaqa Jariya (a charity that persists after death)
• Support to the Orphans Village in Niger, West Africa
• Support for mobile clinics, donations towards medical treatment, equipment and ambulance

One penny or a dollar can create a big difference in others lives. InshaAllah your donations will be sent to Hidaya Foundation USA, Penny Appeal USA, International Rescue Committee & IHCRO and you will be able to see updates on our campaign page.

We really look forward to your cooperation and generosity.
Jazakumullahu Khairan. May Allah be pleased with us all Ameen!

Remember Her By Being Kind


One thought on “Donation appeal

  1. innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rojiun. I was not known about her departure and i pray that Allah elevates accept all her deeds and grant her Jannahthul Firdaus. May Allah accept all her efforts by creating this blog which was personally myself has been used as reference for years and i do hope that this blog will continue as it is, inshaaAllah. *sending virtual hugs* -A.Kamil,MY

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