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Pearls of Peace – Juz 1

(In sha Allah, we will be publishing a summary of Pearls of Peace – a Ramadan lecture series by Mufti Muhammad Ismail Menk. Mufti Menk has a unique way of speaking. This is a humble attempt to transcribe/adapt from the series – all shortcomings are our own and all goodness is from Allah subhanahu wa… Continue reading Pearls of Peace – Juz 1

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Moving Forward After Ramadan: Self-Improvement

[Adapted from the lecture of Sheikh Yaser Birjas] The blessed month of Ramadan has come to its end. What are our next plans? Are we going to take the road less traveled or regress and return to our pre-Ramadan state? Every year we upgrade our technological devices. No one wants to buy the outdated model… Continue reading Moving Forward After Ramadan: Self-Improvement