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Al-Muhaymin – the Guardian


The word Muhaymin comes from the root letters ha-ya-meem-noon and it has the following classical Arabic connotations:

– to watch over, oversee, protect, guard
– to be witness to
– to offer security and peace
– to determine what is true

The Qur’an has been called Muhaymin in Surah al-Ma`idah Ayah 48,


We understand two meaning from this: 1. The one who watches and looks after. Literally this verb is used for when a hen spreads her wings and covers her chicks. So protecting, guarding, completely covering and controlling. 2. It also means hakim that is judge.

Different Meanings of the Name: Al-Muhaymin

The Watcher, the Protector

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is the Guardian over His creation, watchful of everything that takes place therein. He says in Surah Yunus Ayah 61,

“And you are not [engaged] in any matter or recite any of the Qur’an and you do not do any deed except that We are witness over you when you are involved in it.” 

Therefore, one connotation of the name al-Muhaymin is that Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala watches over His creatures and is their Protector. He is watching every person’s actions. Whether we hide it or publicize it, He knows everything that we do. Watching over also means He knows what is harmful and what is beneficial for us. Remember the literal meaning of this word: the hen covering its chicks with its wings, similarly Allah covers us with His Mercy and Protection. Therefore, His criteria of good and bad have are to be followed.

The In-Charge

Another meaning of al-Muahymin is “the One Who is responsible for the care of something, the One Who has charge over it”. In Surah Ar-R`ad Ayah 33, He says, “Then is He who is a maintainer of every soul, [knowing] what it has earned, [like any other]?” 

Allah is above His servants. He is aware of all of our actions, and He has power over all things. He is clement, not hastening on His decree, but at the same time He has full mastery over His creatures. He encompasses them and everything in creation, and everyone and everything is dependent upon Him, and He effortlessly disposes all affairs.

The Giver of Just Recompense
Another meaning of the name al-Muhaymin is “the one who does not give the obedient servants less than their full award, nor punishes the sinners with greater than they deserve.” He punishes the sinful only to the extent of their transgressions. He is never unjust to any soul. rather, He bestows rewards far beyond what we deserve, and pardons most of our sins.

He will not reduce the good deeds of the good doer and He will not reduce or increase the sins of the sinful. He will keep the deeds exactly as they are.

Living By Allah’s Name Al-Muhaymin

1. Be mindful of Allah, and be aware of the fact that He is watching us. In every state, in secret, private, in our thoughts or actions, Allah knows what we are doing. The Prophet salAllahu `alayhi wa sallam said, “Be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you.” [At-Tirmidhi] What will He protect us from? From harm as well as from committing sins. When one is mindful of Allah can he disobey Him?

There’s no place where Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala cannot watch us. Constantly trying to remind ourselves of this fact will help us in refraining from sins and giving in to temptations and distractions.

2. Accept the Qadr of al-Muhaymin. We should believe with certainty that whatever Allah al-Muhaymin gives to us is good for us, even though it does not always seem like it. He says in Surah al-Mulk Ayah 14,


Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala is overseeing everything and everything is part of His plan. Accepting and being content with the decree of al-Muhaymin will be our true key to the tranquility [sakeenah] in our hearts.

3. Use the Qur’an, the muhaymin. As we studied earlier, Qur’an has been called muhaymin. This means Qur’an should not only be read but we should understand it, act upon it, judge according to it, memorize it and convey it to others. Let’s make Qur’an a witness for us and not against us.

4. Ask al-Muhaymin for protection and care. Recalling the example of mother hen that covers its chicks when we are going through a challenging phase in life we should call upon al-Muhaymin and seek His protection and care. Call upon al-Muhaymin and seek His help to accomplish certain goals and protection from harm or innate desires.

O Al-Muhaymin, make us aware of Your presence as You are a Watcher over us. Aid us in accepting our fate. Make the Qur’an our companion and protect us at all times throughout our live, aameen.

[SOURCES: Islam Today, Tayyibaat, UnderstandQur’]

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